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Music for Nothing and the Fans for Free?




Just read an interesting blog post.  Over the years the sales of digital music has increased while the physical sales have decreased. Ok that makes, mp3, ipod, itunes etc. However the further overall sales of music have decreased as well as live performances have increased. There is no replacement for live performance. Live performances have been the mainstay of artists for years. Not money was ever earned for an artist on a Major label from selling a record or a song at $.09 a cut for the artist.


The model now is that most popular artist as we have seen in the past have had free music giveaway campaigns to their loyal fans as well as to get new fans. You must wonder how does this work that I make an album then give away my music. Well this starts the beginning of creating a fan base of eager lovers of your music to come back for more, buy merchandise, visit your site and see your show. Music is still selling and at a great rate. You just need a focus plan on how to achieve this and not wing it. I will leave a tip for that later in this post.


So what is an artist to do? First of all any serious artist will have to consider performing which is the ultimate  experience of listening to that favorite cut the band made in the studio. Next is the artist must learn how to take advantage of music consultants to learn how to market themselves properly through creative efforts of publicity, online social networking and branding. This is a new era and for managers these days they may need to get on the skills of how to garner exposure for their artist via online methods.


The good news is that a lot of artist that are independent are making great strides online. We all know of Rebecca Black, Justin Bieber and there are plenty more. The direct route to the fan is the best and only route which gives small indie labels and independent acts some ground to make a success and at least get noticed to the point the get the attention to a deal. With all the noise that is being made online Major labels will are likely to take favor of those already making a buzz than cultivating an unknown like the old Motown days. read more of the article at the link below. If you are in need of a music consultant or virtual online manager to help you get the exposure you need the contact me for a lead or visit www.jackdazey.com for more information.

link to article: dthin.gs/u0f0C2




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