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Music Needed for Commercial

Music Needed for Commercial

By musicgorilla

Hi All,

Following are new opportunities for you to submit your music to various artists for recording or for Film or Television Shows.

As always, feel free to call us or email with questions, comments or just to say hey!

Showcase Announcements:

We are currently accepting submissions for our annual Showcase Series which takes place during (but is not affiliated with) SXSW. All members are eligible and YOUR SUBMISSION IS FREE. To submit just send us an email with your band/artist name. Non Members can submit here: http://www.reverbnation.com/c/submission/create_cpo_submission?campaign_id=417

NYC Major Label Showcase for Columbia Records:

December 7th @ Kenny’s Castaways. All performing artists will receive written feedback on their performances. Members can submit via email at submissions@MusicGorilla.com. Non Members can submit through Reverb Nation here: http://www.reverbnation.com/c/submission/create_cpo_submission?campaign_id=450

Submission Instructions: In order to submit for these projects, please email Submissions@musicgorilla.com the title of the submission, the name of the song(s) you are submitting, Band/Artist name and attach the mp3(s) to the email. Please make sure that the music you are submitting is appropriate for the submission, that you are a MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING and that the song(s) are on MusicGorilla.com. If the song is not what the supervisor is asking for, it will not be submitted.

Due to the high profile nature of some of these submissions, it has become necessary for our music editor to screen certain submissions in order for the Music Supervisors to continue accepting material from Music Gorilla. Also, in certain instances there is a limit to the amount of material we can send, these submissions will also be screened. All screened submissions will be noted.

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