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NY Rapper Fat Joe Saying Hip Hop is Controlled by Gay Mafia

Upon the latest bust with Dj Mister C getting head in a car in New York. Fat Joe admits to probably working with some gay rappers. The gay rapper phenomenon has been brewing in hip hop for some years now and plenty of rumors are surfacing. I do recall one about Diddy surfacing not too long ago. There is also a new rapper on the rise doing an androgynous thing like Prince and Marilyn Manson wearing lace and tights. Fat Joe gives a shot at Lady Gaga for taking advantage of the movement and praises her for winning.

Way to go Fat Joe, you sure you aren’t part of the action. You sure have a lot to say which may make one wonder underneath all that politically correct gangsta swag. I guess some one in the movement is signing his checks, so he checks himself.

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