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Eddie Murphy Fucks Hollywood and The Oscars


It is really time for the sensitive shit to stop. I think we have come a long way and we are nearing on 2012. Comedic references to certain demographics have been the butt of many a jokes for years. Our culture as a hold should no longer be hung up on such references of race and gender. Come on now people, maybe we all need to watch a little more South Park or Family Guy to laugh this shit off. Are we not all tired of sensitive whining people taking to the news because they got offended at some dam remark or rant.  

Decades ago it seems that the public was more tolerable. Are you telling me that in this day and age comedians like Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Prior or any of those vulgar mouth personalities are going to get thrown under the bus for being “real”. What the hell happen? 

It seems that there is a big stink about Eddie Murphy career being affected because he stepped down from hosting the Oscars. Way to go Eddie!! You got big black balls not to give a shit about what the industry thinks because you are loved, made your mark in history and is one of the most successful comedians of all times.(but also did you  not have some situation long ago with a transvestite hooker?) Obviously after 25 years in the game and millions of dollars later, who gives a shit. Eddie is pushing 50 years old now. Do you think he really needs the money, publicity or opportunity with the bleeping Oscars.  I am sure Eddie will be happy raising his family and playing guitar everyday then having to deal with the nonsense.

Hello Hollywood get over it. He is too damn successful to be worrying about a career nosedive at this point.  Obviously Eddie ain’t scurd!   Bret Ratner, the producer of the Oscars who stepped down  also produced the latest Murphy/Stiller flick Tower Heist. He got the heat for saying “rehearsals are for fags”.  Aren’t fags cigarettes? WTF!!! Seriously now. I have not gotten any word from the community if that is offensive or not, but it does not seem to far off from queen. Excuse my ignorance, I do not mean to offend anyone unless they are offended by it. Needles to say if you are in the industry you will be working with plenty of people who push the limits of their natural born gender. Gay marriage is accepted in many states, many are out of the closet, it is a new day and people need to stop being so sensitive. Everyone can take a dick, but no one can take a joke!!! Go figure!


Eddie  and Ratner Quits Oscars




South Park clip with the “Fag” word



Eddie speaks on the original concept for Twoer Heist which was to be an all black cast with Dave Chappell, Chris Rock, Omar Eps, Tracie Morgan(before he quits Oscars) 







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