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Creating a Strong Fan-base Through Deeper Connections



Connect deeply with your fans to create undying vampire like loyalty

You have tons of fans that follow you in your network. However they are all different. Some are merely passerby’s while some are really die hard fanatical fans. These become the two poles that most  fans will exist in your spectrum of “fanlight.”
Though you may have a minuscule amount of truly fanatical fans, this is where your attention should be focused most of the time. These are the one who will brag about you, ask for free stuff to show off to their friends, buy your music and merchandise.
The fanatical fan goes way past than just buying your music. They are into you, your image,  your message, your beliefs and are a true supporting member of your core fan-base that echoes you endlessly. 
When you connect more deeply with your fans, the more fanatical they become and the more money you will make in the long run.
One great way to develop deepness and create fanaticism is to create a newsletter. This allows you to go beyond the music itself by exploring inspirations of your songs, your philosophy and foundations of your music. This also gives you a chance to go off the topic and discuss things outside of the scope of music that interest you and may interest them. It gives them a chance to know more of the real person behind the music. You can share practice tips since most of them may inspire to be like you(like guitar licks are chord progressions). You can give insight to your rehearsals and preparations for shows that help to not only publicize but build intensity for your up coming events.
A vlog or podcast is another way to deeper the connection. Through this you can give them more emotional content of your shows, rehearsals, moments of songwriting inspiration, community service events, your thoughts and accomplishments. You can upload these to YouTube and then embed them on your Facebook page with a privacy only for those who show  an interest of being a Fanatical fan or have proof of a song they downloaded in the iPod  made a sign for your band or did some other crazy stunt online to show their love. This technique is great for when you are on tour as well. 
Show who you are outside of the music. One great thing that Kanye West does is to take action and voice his opinion regardless of the event or nature of topic. He criticized former President Bush on Live T.V. for his lethargic actions regarding hurricane Katrina and he even went downtown New York to show his support for Occupy Wall Street. 
Showing who you are and what you stand for helps to strengthen that bond and create fanatical fans who  show that you stand up for them, their beliefs or someone close to them. Who knows what family members were affected by Katrina or the OWS protest
Give your fans an identity. This has been a underrated way to build fanaticism, but can lead to great merchandising and cult like effect with your fans. Lady Gaga calls her fans “Little Monsters”, as did the Grateful Dead call the fans “Dead Heads”. Even StarTrek fans are known as Trekkies. Hopefully by now you  get the point. We know how the fans are in these arenas and they are die hard forever long term supporting fans. The fanatical fan that fits into this pocket are the ones that will buy every ticket, t shirt and song that you ever release.
Have you tried any of these approaches? What are your thoughts and how do you plan to make them a part of you and your music. Leave comments below!




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