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The original Mayan end date is December 24, 2011(Christmas Eve) – Is the end nearer than we were told?


The original Mayan end date is December 24, 2011(Christmas Eve) – Is the end nearer than we were told?


 This provides a brief history of Mayan research beginning in the 1400s. The original Mayan Calendar end date, as proposed by Harvard Archeologist and Anthropologist Michael Coe in the 1960’s, was December 24, 2011. It was revised later in the 1980’s

The Mayans, the questions whether we are alone in the universe?, the mystery of our origins, evolution, a higher being… all of this has been answered over and over again through out the years. The more time passes by the more unbelievable it seems things become.

In nowadays we have a few people taking advantage and putting a bad rep on Ufology by using their home computers to  photoshop and create hoaxes of  UFOs. However 30 years  ago this was not possible and the evidence captured was “real”. Still beyond the fakes that pop up on sites like Youtube, humankind has been left plenty of compelling evidence that stands the test of times for us to make our own just decisions, expand our consciousness and transcend our being to true higher levels of existence…It is all about connecting the dots and piecing the puzzle together.



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