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Spy Police Prey on Young Women

Spy Police Prey on Young Women




Idealistic Love
Intelligent women can be naïve. Intelligent, idealistic women believe in love. Women and men alike change when they feel pheromones shift. In attraction, a young woman shifts consciously and unconsciously to a physiological desire for a mate, one who she hopes will be a protector to unrealized offspring. All people want to believe in the person they are in love with. Additionally, the love in the relationship becomes something that they hope will grow with nurturing and intimacy. And if one believes this hope to be reciprocated, one becomes more open and, in some ways, more vulnerable.



The Guardian recently detailed 8 cases where young women were unknowingly preyed upon and used to infiltrate activist groups. In a statement drawn up by the eight women, in the Guardian, the women “say they were ‘deliberately and knowingly deceived’ into forming long-term intimate relationships with undercover policemen.”



Masters of Deception
This suit is addressing the abuse of a law enforcement system that is meant to protect and instead turns deliberately, covertly, on young women. Profiling gentle women, pacifist green environmentalists, this police department trained law enforcers to be emotional predators to gain information of activist activities.
This issue is also about the possible long-term debilitation, feelings of violation, and possibly versions of PSTD from emotional victimization such as this. As one of the reports go on: one of the women deceived describes the way in which she was twice deceived and seeks reparations from the emotionally disabling results in her life.
Of course, the complexity of this deception is tremendous. One of the deceived women suing says she “believes that his undercover training enabled him to deceive her again at a time when she was in a state of shock and trauma.”
Spiraling in Confusion and Chaos
This sounds like someone struggling with Stockholm syndrome — they find themselves deceived, go into shock, then to denial, and, in this fragmented state, is then cunningly romanced and deceived into believing again… by a master of deception.



Another undercover police officer, Peter Black, said sex was a widely used “tool” to gain the trust of activists when he was deployed in the 1990s. The Guardian‘s Paul Lewis and Rob Evans report that these men targeted “law-abiding members of London Greenpeace,” a peaceful protest group.



Rectifying Denial
Their intention with the suit is to increase awareness and put an end to it. ”We are bringing this case because we want to see an end to the sexual and psychological abuse of campaigners and others by undercover police officers.”
It appears that these men used techniques they had been trained in to gain trust and thereby created the illusion that they might be a ‘soul mate’,to many of the women, they say. The institutions training them did understand the malleable nature of an idealistic person, and the lengths to which she would believe in love, no matter how intelligent. These women are making sense of this multidimensional abuse by suing the system that trained, paid, and condoned this behavior.



The five undercover officers are Mark Kennedy, Jim Boiling, Bob Lambert, and two others who have not yet been exposed, known when undercover as John Barker and Mark Cassidy. The men got paid for and became masters of deceptions in this sad game of political power and control. The young women who were romanced and seduced were thrown into shock at different points in time. Set up with emotional triggers that might take years of therapy to heal and unravel.  Due to their suits, perhaps the next young intelligent activist will not so easily be caught unaware that there are such predators out there within systems intended to protect.



It is an interesting note that Mark  Kennedy  in a taped conversation obtained by BBC Newsnight, told an activist he was “sorry” and “wanted to make amends.” Going on: I’m not the only one — not by a long shot,” he said. “I hate myself so much. I betrayed so many people.”

Apparently the nurturing intimacy had a long-term effect on him producing regret, self-hate, and guilt. The system training these men has lost its moral compass. It is betraying people on basic, human levels. Do we pay, as citizens, the salary of defenders, protectors, only to have their agendas manipulated and people used and debilitated in confused systems?



A most significant outcome of the deception is that it was aimed not only at the young women, but a group of innocents who were wrongly convicted. The title and subheading of one Guardian piece sums it up: “Mark Kennedy miscarriage of justice inquiry blames prosecutors and police: Failure to give undercover policeman’s secret recordings to defense lawyers led to wrongful prosecution of environmentalists.”



We Can Be Better Than This
I want to believe that the police  attracts some people who really want to help and protect. I want to believe that all institutions and systems of law enforcment are not of this sad cowardly state of power and control. They could be better. They could be run by people who understand empowerment and rehabilitation as opposed to this kind of stupidity.
It is a timely issue to consider and discern. The planetary shell of denial is being broken open by the Occupy Movement. Hopefully the revelation and changing of such horrible practices continues with this movement.
And, as part of that, we must appreciate the strength of these women to make sense of and try to rectify such a wrong.

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