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Countdown to World War III – Strait of Hormuz


 Countdown to World War III Strait of Hormuz

Strait of Hormuz Countdown to World War III


As Nostradamus has predicted , one will rise from east to rain terror on the world. It is now 2012 and time for the prediction to unfold. So the Mayans may have been right also after all. It was not the earth falling apart in cataclysm but the super powers of the world creating devastation with war. 

The recent conflict and threats from Iran closing the straights of Hormuz will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. 

As history has shown, whenever a new U.S. president is in office and things get ugly in the homeland, then a war breaks out to ensure that the reelection goes to an experience leader of the country. We can not break in a new president in the beginning of a major war or international conflict. Just look at the last 20 years. Clinton and the Persian Gulf, Bush and Afghanistan and Now Obama with Iran. Yes it is inevitable there will be a war. It has been rare for the last 20 years for a U.S. president to serve less than 1 no matter how bad he sucks or steels an election he will serve another  term because a war always guarantees that he sits in through the fight.

Iran has gain much more influence and power in the region after American pummeled the surrounding neighboring countries , so they will not be alone in the fight. In the middle east, it is not such a good thing to be an American anymore.  We have been over there too long stirring things up in the name of oil and i think the people in the middle east have had enough.  Hold on to your gold, get your stash ready since the inevitable Marshall law and economic collapse is coming to a hometown near you. Fema camps have been set up, troops have been brought home, National guards have been called in and people in this country are already at their worst. 

Blocking the straights is cutting off an artery of 1/6th of the worlds supply of oil.  This is nothing new as it has been going on for over 5 months now. The tensions are rising. The name of the game,  if they cant play ball and export their oil, then no one gets oil! Wow talk about leaving a people hungry, then they will show their teeth and bite back. And by the way, Iran has a nuclear program. 


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