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2012 Predictions – 13 Unlucky End of the World Facts You Should Know




2012 predictions – 13 unlucky end of the world facts you should know

Fact #1 –  The Earth is affected by the influence of the moon shown by the tides of the ocean which which go up and down.



Fact #2 –  The influence of the moon has an effect on the water within  the human body changing peoples behaviors. Police crimes escalates during a full moon. We are affected by the energies from the heavens above. Hence the word Luna – tic (Luna = moon)

Fact #3  – The planets have energies – just as the moon affects us so do the planets – this is where we get our astrology and horoscopes which outline our personalities based on these energy distribution and influence  


Fact #4 – Water distribution shifts weight and releases on the ocean floor creating earthquakes based on scientific study shown on the history channel. Check youtuber – believersunderground video uploaded 12/30/2011 link below  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KrvfsQ16zM


  Fact #5 No prophet in history has had an 100% accuracy in prediction including, Cayce, Nostradamus, Isaiha Mohammad, or whomever.  


Fact#6 – The Alignment of the planets had an influence which caused  Japan quake of March 2011 (being too strong of a coincidence when youtuber 9nania predicted it base on  watching these planetary alignments.)(Though she was wrong about other quakes based on her predictions, what she failed to notice that there were cataclysmic destruction occurring in other forms such as Cyclone, Landslides, Typhoons, floods etc- it made not always come as a quake) http://youtu.be/r7QAZPb-IEQ


Fact #7 Beyond current knowledge for some, every 26 million years the earth has gone through an extinction level event. This has been proven from examining signs in layers of rock in which they are able to date and identify changes in the layers of strata.


Fact #8 2012 is the end of an 26 million year cycle


Fact #9 Nostradamus however did predict that one will rise from the east to cause destruction across  the land. Timing is on schedule for Straits of Hormuz, Iran is currentlyy missile testing and just stated posessing nuclear fuel rods.


Fact #10 Hollywood has been programming images of our future which many have come to light. Current MI4 Ghost protocol deal with nuclear coflict with Russia. Russia, Tehran, Iraq, Afghanistan and China have relationships with Iran (and the U.S. has stuck there noses in their business creating bad relationships recently) Doomsday prophecies such as The Book of Eli, Mad Max, has shown us a gloomy future. 


Fact #11 There has been scientific proof  of a dramatic crustle displacement based on Charles Hapgood works. There has been a Wooly Mammoth that has been found in the ice of Antartica that was “flash frozen” from the cold. Tropical plants and vegetation were found undigested in the stomach of this mammal. Be clear that Artartica is not in the tropics nor can we find any tropical plants growing there now. The beast did not die over days of starvation but was still grazing and froze with in hours of ingestion.


Fact # 12 As for the Mayans they have their own schedule of predictions which we really do not clearly understand. However they are known as the great keepers of time and predict astronomical events thousand of years in the future, the calendar clock runs out December 21, 2012 on the winter solstice.


Fact # 13 The Hopi Indians have their predictions of 2012 of  the Blue Katchina returning. On May 25 2011, Nasa announces rare blue star straggling light years  away that should not exist since blue stars are a sign of a dying star. That star should have been dead a long long time ago and baffles NASA scientist.


The Galactic alignment – if the moon has an effect on earth, and we have seen the effect the earth has been under from other smaller planetary alignments, then on a grand scale of a galactic alignment of all planets lining in a single file, compounding a further gravitational pull on the earth water, and crust creating a tug of war with the gravity of the sun may be possible triggers of cataclysm .


 My theory is it may not happen in one day. The triggers have already began. The end of the world is difference for everybody. That came to Japan already, Chile had their doomsday, Haiti had theirs, Christ Church the same. All of these  locations were under  the influence of a certain planetary alignment at the time. 


An extinction may not happen this year, though it has happen in the past. It would be naive to think it would never happen again.

You decide, do your own research. 





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